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A Legacy of Love and Flavor

Since 1955, Grasso's Italian Restaurant has stood as a culinary landmark in El Centro, California, proudly nestled at 1902 West Main Street. Uniquely, only two families have lovingly held the reins of Grasso's, preserving its authenticity and charm in the original building.

Welcome To Our Restaurant

Giacinta Grasso and her sister-in-law Blanche Fornasero, opened the restaurant and began a flavorful journey from Giacinta's home. The overwhelming popularity led to the transformation of "The Dining Room" into Grasso's in 1955. Shortly after, "The Family Room" was added, solidifying Grasso's as a full-time restaurant.

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Our Brief History

Hank and Sue Baran welcome you to their Restaurant.

Grasso’s Italian Restaurant started with 2 sisters, Giacinta Grasso and Blanche Fornasero, in Giacinta's home in 1955. After a couple of years of running the restaurant, one sister said to the other, “Either you buy this restaurant from me, or I buy it from you because we aren’t doing this together anymore.” Blanche ended up owning Grasso’s with her husband, Joe. After 20 years, Blanche and Joe sold Grasso’s to Ed and Mary Baran in 1976. Ed and Mary owned Grasso’s until 2003 when they sold it to their son Hank and daughter-in-law Sue. Grasso’s has kept all the original recipes while adding a few.

We warmly invite you to be part of our Grasso’s history and continue to be “An Imperial Valley Tradition.